Time Management

Everybody says time management is important, and I know that, however, it seems to skip by me.  Or in other words, where does my day go?  And did I get everything done?

I keep a daily calendar ​and I write in important dates, it works pretty well.  But what about the rest of the day and the week?  I seem to be busy but I don't get everything done I want to.  I recently caught a Darren Hardy thing on the internet, and he stated the some of the most successful people have plenty of time to "play" because their work is all done, and their work is great and has helped many people.

So what I learned is to be super focused and not "drift".  Darren says drifting is when you start to do other things that are not part of that task that needs to be done.  Starting Sunday I'm going to have my "tasks" in order and focus one at a time.  so lets see how this works.

Peace.  George.​

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I'm passionate about adding value and living intentionally. If I can make someone's day better, or make a difference, it's a good day for me.

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