Week 6 – Laser Focus

magnifyingLaser Focus, This post is about keeping focused, not drifting.

We are easily distracted in today’s world, if there is a loud bang, or emergency sirens, we immediately turn our focus or attention to the distraction.  Or sometimes we just can’t hold a thought for more than 6 seconds at a time.  Try it, think of what you did 5 minutes ago, then what was your second thought?  Think about it.  We have thousands of thoughts every day, and it is so hard to concentrate.

I’m finding when I read, the article or book makes me think of something else, then I don’t know what I just read.

Staying laser focused would mean to concentrate on an idea or thought, and only on that thought until we decide to think of something else.  Problem seems to be how long we can think of the same thing.  I’m having problems thinking of what to write next in this blog post.

So, why should we keep a thought for more than 6 seconds?  Well, it’s simple, if we want something done that requires thought, we better continue thinking until the object or purpose is finished.  How about a magnifying glass, we have all used them to enlarge something so we can see it larger.  And most people know that you can use the magnifying glass and focus the sun’s rays on a piece of paper or wood and with “laser focus” and holding the focus we get great heat which the effect is fire.

How would staying “laser focused” on something that is important, knowing it will give us results, benefit us?  Maybe our chores, or services would get done faster and better.  Ever clean the house and you get “laser focused” on cleaning something and you spend the rest of your cleaning time on that one thing, and wow!

Does this make any sense?  Well, in closing here, i’m having a hard time with being “laser focused!”

Peace, George.

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marianmasterkey - November 6, 2014 Reply

George you just encouraged me to work more and more. Not only you have a problem with keeping focus on the thoughts. I am in the same situation. I think this is the matter of practice what I have to do. I like your blogs they are short and right to the point. I can learn from you and read again and again. Keep going.

    George Pauli - November 6, 2014 Reply

    Marian thank you for the kind words. We share the focus problem, I fight it all day, and the more I think about being focused seems the harder it is because now i’m thinking of being focused which leads me to think of something else. I have discovered when i’m not thinking of focusing, it works out ok, like giving a step 2 presentation, it just comes out. we’ll practice on that as we planned.

      marianmasterkey - November 6, 2014 Reply

      Do you know how long it takes to be a good basketball player?

        George Pauli - November 10, 2014 Reply

        I don’t know how long it takes to be a basketball player, what do you think?

ferialk - November 6, 2014 Reply

Laser focus…that is what I aspire to be…laser focus in business, not distracted . I am learning and as I do I find my speech is becoming concise and clear.

brianhowardsmasterkey - November 6, 2014 Reply

George that is great. Laser focusing, compressing time, getting more done in less time, how fantastic. You’re right too many distractions. Technology is great if you can harness the power of focus. Really good observation

    George Pauli - November 6, 2014 Reply

    Thanks Brian.

fionadroeske - November 9, 2014 Reply

Love your imagery, probably why the shapes work, automatic association.

mkmmagregnyberg - November 9, 2014 Reply

George, Well Done !!! Can it be possible that by staying focused on “The Main Thing” it will drowned out all the “Noise” of those things that don’t fit in to our objective….Our Dream.

    George Pauli - November 10, 2014 Reply

    Thanks greg, means a lot to me.

masterkeyabundance - November 10, 2014 Reply

Yes it’s amazing how many distractions there are… the phone being the biggest one…turning off notifications this month has been a great help

    George Pauli - November 10, 2014 Reply

    Imagine when we did not have phones, how did we do it?
    Thanks for the nice comment.

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