Week 12 – a 17 hour Interview with the Devil…

devilThis post is interesting,  I have had 17 hours on an airplane and I was fortune enough to participate in an “Interview with the Devil.”  The Devil addressed as “Your Majesty” he does not have a pointed tongue or pitchfork tail, but controls 98% of the people on earth.  Think of every positive there is a negative, North Pole and South Pole, Protons + and Electrons -, Sunshine and Darkness.  His Majesty is the “-” or “Negative” and is always there.  His answers are 100% truthful, however he did try to avoid some of the questions.  His Majesty calls the 98% as “Drifters.”  Drifters are the humans that don’t think for themselves, and we see Drifters everywhere, in ALL PLACES.

Now, we are in the Master Keys, I have my BPB, 7 Laws of the Mind, Mental Diet, Og, DMP, index cards, and my compass around my neck,
so i’m basically well prepared for this 17 hours, or I thought… But remember, i’m sitting with the Devil, and 300 “Drifters” on the airplane.

I’m not going to be able to explain it all, but i can tell you after 10 hours on the plane, the guy behind me was kicking my seat and instead of getting upset and saying something, i just used “law of substitution” and went on, then 11 hours and the guy pushed my reclined seat back to it’s upright, again i grabbed my “one liner DMP” thanks to Mark and repeated 100 times, so i’m good!  12 hours, it feels like the guys knee is in my back and I have my chair in upright, I was being tested, and His Majesty was asking me to drift.  I refused to drift.

So, what is a “Drifter?”  His Majesty explains a Drifter as someone who does not think for themselves (yes I defined twice, some of the questions were asked twice just to make sure).  Remember the Compass?  Interesting right?  I was thinking for myself but seemed to want to drift while I was seated and getting reminded of the 13th hour on this plane.  I remembered 98% of people are drifters, and after listening I was one too, but I am exiting that part of my life, I am no longer a drifter.

His Majesty explains that the church is his ally, schools and the teachers are also his ally.  Why? Society is thinking for us, they are teaching us stuff to “pass the test” rather than how to think and live on our own.  Politics, I will not go there today.  Anyone who over eats is a drifter, he explains why would someone eat poison and lots of it, actually over eat and ingest all these poisons, and they can’t stop, they are addicted.  Here is food for thought:  “Triggers.”

So on my 2 week vacation in the Philippines, I have had 17 hours on the plane to think, i have time to think here.  I admit it’s not as easy to have my routine of all my daily exercises, but I am thinking for myself, and I will not give in and be a “Drifter”  as I am Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious, and Happy!

If you have a questions for His Majesty please leave a question or comment and i’ll try to give you what I can.

Peace, George!

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lenderking1 - December 18, 2014 Reply

George, This a super great post with wonderful metaphors. You are obviously well armed to duel with the devil. Kudos to you on a blog well done.

John Laudenslager

    George Pauli - December 18, 2014 Reply

    John, thank you, i have to tell you it was so interesting, i have a new outlook on schools, church, government, and my brain. i will have time in the next week to add to this, keep on reading.

    Peace. George.

    George Pauli - December 22, 2014 Reply

    Thank you John

George Pauli - December 18, 2014 Reply

Q: I want more! I’m a 2% person.
A: as long as you are not a drifter!

mariamkmma - December 19, 2014 Reply

Great job, George! Remember Lauw of growth, whatever we think about expands! Love your creativity!

earch2014 - December 20, 2014 Reply

Very interesting… I wonder what will come up for you in the Phillipines?

masterkeybrendaf - December 26, 2014 Reply

I’ve had Outwitting the Devil on my night stand for quite some time – and have had great difficulty getting through it before. Maybe I’ll give it another try and see if the MKMMA course has helped me adjust my attitude and to see it in a different light. Enjoy your trip and look forward to reading more from you. Thanks for sharing!

    George Pauli - December 26, 2014 Reply

    Brenda, the book, outwitting the devil, it’s one of those things, a guy in my business who has no idea of Mark suggested me to read it, and i blew it off for about a year, but i have been adding to my library from Amazon. I decided to bring it with because of the 17 hour flight.
    What got me in the book is the devil says he owns 98% of us, and it’s because we don’t think for our selves, we drift. as a drifter we do things that thinkers would not do. So when I was reading it, i was totally consumed, the entire plane was sleeping and i had my reading light on. Some of the controversial stuff about schools, church, and politics was so dead on in my mind, and this was written in 1937, I was blown away.
    I hope you get the chance to read the book when you are ready, I do think it adds to the MKMMA if you are ready for it. I’m a little different person, as Mark gives us something to do or read, I usually beat him to it, meaning I already thought of it and did it before he asked. Example is his OCD video just published, going through Go90Grow I read the Influencer book before he publicly suggested to, and the list goes on, just my manifestation i guess, i’m a Red and Always Right! hope to see you in Kauai, Good luck, Peace!

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