Week 17 – What happened???

file0001273226477So, what did happen this week?  It has seemed to go by so quick I could not tell you.  What did you do?

I know for sure I was thinking, and sometimes thinking very hard, thinking on my desire and what I am going to do about it.

The word of the week is “Decisiveness” and it was time to make a decision.  So I was thinking of my desire and making a decision to do something about it.  One day pasted, then the second day, and on the third day I got a little accomplished towards making a decision about my desire.

I desire to accomplish my definite major purpose starting now, but was a little slow.  However I was always thinking of it, and not doing it.  So let’s put a little “feeling” into it, I started to imagine what it would feel like to accomplish what I desire, then again nothing happened physically but I did think about it.  I kept the door shut on any negativity which tried to get in.  I understand it’s time to push and dig in starting now.  Easier said than done.

I have been letting the thought dwell upon my desire, concentrating on courage, concentrating on abundance, and concentrating on health.  Strength and Power is determined by mental attitude, think of success and hold it with definite purpose, and we will attract the things we all desire.


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I'm passionate about adding value and living intentionally. If I can make someone's day better, or make a difference, it's a good day for me.

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debarnell - January 24, 2015 Reply

George! Thanks..my sits are becoming magical..I love that we were all thinking of each others success! I Don’t like NARC! But it has helped to visualize throwing my dreams away…I Don’t want that at all! Patience! Well Done!

dzwaldron - January 25, 2015 Reply

Making the leap from thinking to doing IS so hard! We are all on the edge of that Hero’s Journey and, perhaps if we all link arms we can make the leap together. Can’t you just imagine all the greatness we can accomplish THEN! woo hoo! Keep pumping up the desire. We’ll get there!

mkbeautyurs - January 26, 2015 Reply

Ah yes! I see you are definitely on the journey with the rest of us! I am right with you on the challenges, but look forward to growing together in our Master Mind Alliance!! Aloha, Ursula

masterkeydeanna - January 27, 2015 Reply

You are really getting on the right path. Isn’t it exciting to be on this journey with others who totally understand the challenges?

Ellen L - January 28, 2015 Reply

Awesome! I’m still working on applying feeling to my DMP.

mkmma4debbie - January 29, 2015 Reply

Did you know that the only two things that we can control are our attitude and our actions? I read this and figured it was really being directed at me. I decided to share it with you, because I understand exactly what you are saying. I look forward to the day we meet! (The next International after Charlotte perhaps!)

masterkeyannemb - March 17, 2015 Reply

Decisiveness. prioritising … is there a difference? I often ponder on this with my DMP and what I’m learning in MKMMA; all good though. 🙂
Loving your blogs.
Happy day.

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