Week 23 – The Abyss

abyssThe Abyss, def: “a deep or seemingly bottomless chasm”

Where do we see this “Abyss”?  In the Hero’s Journey by Joe Campbell, and in the movie “The Abyss” by James Cameron.

What does the Abyss have to do with today?  Most people don’t look at their life as a great adventure, they look back or ahead as to what they have and what they have done, some are good, some are bad.  Most people remember the bad and difficult and are surrounded by people and events that remind them of the “bad.”

So what does the Abyss have to do with today?  George Lucas’ “Star Wars” was one of the first movies to depict where there was a hero who was transformed from everyday average person.  There was numerous “Abyss” parts where Skywalker was going to die, or something just seemed like his end.

Again, the Abyss and today?  James Camerons’ movie “The Abyss” was a deep down place at the bottom of the ocean where weird things were happening, it was a place nobody had ever gone before, but once there it was amazing!

ok, so what about George’s Abyss?  I’ve been experiencing outside things, situations, and people, where I say to myself, what is next?  How much more worse can it get?  I’ve been through a lot, ups and downs, and this time is no exception.

So what is different this time?

This time I know it exists, it has a name, and i’m ready for it, bring it on!  Bring on the Abyss!  I understand that it’s a cycle of life, and I want to get it all, all the bad, negative, emotions, sadness, challenges, and everything else I left out.  Bring it on because i’m going to spit it out!

I’ve become a better person the past few months, and i’m looking for these bad things and my mind keeps on closing the door to them.  Something bad happens I let it go.  I have been trying to push myself to the Abyss and just get it done with and I just can’t.

Last night I decided to go off the grid for a few hours, if you include sleep, it was about 15 hours, no electronics, no lights, nothing!  Gave me time to think…. and think I did.  I was looking for this Abyss and could not find it.  I could only find good, forgiveness, love, and compassion.  After waking up, I had a new refreshed feeling.  If the Abyss over?  I don’t know, but if it comes back, i’ll spit that one out too.

Peace!  George.

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jkmkmma - March 13, 2015 Reply

Good going George. As Pogo said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

    George Pauli - March 14, 2015 Reply

    John, thanks for the comment.

Claes Wallenberg (@MKMMAClaes) - March 14, 2015 Reply

“There and back again” – cool journey, my friend!
Glad were in this experience together!

Mahalo, I appreciate You!

Ellen L - March 16, 2015 Reply

Nicely done! I hope you never do see the abyss inside yourself, but like you, I’m confident you’ll find your way back out again!

    George Pauli - March 18, 2015 Reply

    Thank you Ellen, I will find my way out, just weird i knew I was headed there, or at least it exists and is healthy.

masterkeyannemb - March 17, 2015 Reply

How good is that: I could only find good, forgiveness, love, and compassion. After waking up, I had a new refreshed feeling. 🙂
Nice work.

I did a small “shut dow” lasat night too, 6pm – 5:45 am and feel all the beter for it.

Cindy's Masterkey - March 26, 2015 Reply

Great you did this! awesome experience.

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