Week 29 – I don’t know what….

It’s been a while since i blogged last.  the 26 week class ended, but then got extended, a 2 week trip to Kauai for a live MKMMA event, and a Go90Grow event to better myself.

Detachment is something i did not understand but now I do.  Ever get so tied up in something or someone where you just can’t let it go, so what do you do, you keep on letting it bother you or it just consumes you.  These things consumed me, so I asked for clarification on detachment, and here is what I understood:  “Live by today, right now this minute, you can not do anything about what happens in the future, the future is later on, don’t worry about it.”

So i’m not suppose to worry about what happens next, I am only suppose to do what is right right now.  When I do the right thing, the future will be correct, exactly the way it should be, and I have to accept the future and take responsibility for my actions now that create the future.

There are the laws of least effort:  they contain the law of acceptance, the law of responsibility, the law of defenselessness.  I have accepted my current status, I take responsibility for myself and where I am at today, and I am going to be defenseless and not persuade others to accept my views.

These laws make peace inside all of us, and we can then live right now, today, in detachment of the future.  I do hope we all have a great future, so lets go do something good today, give a little of something, a gift, a prayer, just something you did not give yesterday and let it grow.

peace – George

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I'm passionate about adding value and living intentionally. If I can make someone's day better, or make a difference, it's a good day for me.

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mkmmapattyloof - May 31, 2015 Reply

You got it, George! I feel as if this is one of the most difficult things to learn.

Give my regards to your wifey, hope she’s feeling well.

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