My Master Key Experience

My first child, born with love, by love.

My first child, born with love, by love.

September 12 Video’s are up!  Click here for Scholarship videos.

“To help people help themselves be self directed, powerful hero’s in their own life that think for themselves without being influenced.”

I wanted to do better, in my business, in my life, in everywhere.  I met some Master Keys students and asked “what is it all about?” Their answers were unbelievable that the changes and the manifestations of their dreams were coming true, and so I took the Master Keys class.  It was all about the way we think and our daily habits.

Shortly after the class started I was finding myself thinking or at least speaking differently, more positively, better thoughts, it was a mental diet I started, and that changed a lot of attitudes not only my own, but the attitudes of others around me got better.

Then events I never imagined started to happen.  The Master Key class we had daily exercises and one day I was writing down a list of 3 people I needed to talk to, some I had not spoke to in over a year.  The next morning those 3 people contacted me within a 2 hour time period, I was amazed but not convinced you could think of something and it would happen.  But, there were more events, with other people, it just kept happening.  I was thinking “can this be for real?”  I started to believe!

I started to discover better traits in myself, my family, and in my business, everything just seemed better!  I AM LOVE!  The class allowed me to see life and the universe from an “observer” where I could see everything around me as it was created in love to continue to grow.  Think about it, plants grow, they drop seeds and continue to flourish.  The human cycle is the same.

Ever wonder how a dog knows if they should bark at someone or if they should wag their tail?  I learned about the human “Solar Plexus

I discovered so much the first class, and I am excited to discover even more this second time.  Class is a scholarship and you can get on the list for early notification, do it now because space is limited.

Peace and Love, George Pauli

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I'm passionate about adding value and living intentionally. If I can make someone's day better, or make a difference, it's a good day for me.

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Davene - August 14, 2015 Reply

What a fantastic job George! I love what you wrote. Can’t wait to see little Pauli baby!
Love you guys,

    George - August 19, 2015 Reply

    Davene, you and Mark have changed a lot of lives. I remember being first exposed to your material and I ignored it. I ignored it until I just could not stand my current situation. I was shortly hooked, I mean I swallowed the hook like a 700 pound Groupie swallows a scuba diver! And…. I’m so glad I did.

George - August 15, 2015 Reply

Master key will be open for scholarship in mid September.

Everyone says they want a little better life, get on the list, see what this can do for you!
Peace, George.

Monique McCorvey - August 15, 2015 Reply

That was beautiful and inspiring at the same time. Your words truly make me want to experience what you experienced. Thank you.

    George - August 19, 2015 Reply

    Monique, as I have said, you are beautiful, loving, and have lots to give. Go for it!

Stan - August 15, 2015 Reply

I agree that … what you think about – you bring about.
Sometimes, I wonder how a person is doing, even in meditation,
then that person often gives me a call. Or invites me to a hangout.
I thought about – YOU – today and you sent me an important email.


    George - August 19, 2015 Reply

    Stan, you came into my life at a perfect time, we will do great things together. And Grieg too!

Greg Nyberg - August 15, 2015 Reply

You nailed it George. What stuck out was being an observer. Do you think being a better observer can cause making better decision more quickly? Being an observer provides an awareness and insight of everything, whether mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, relationships or business. Great to focus and practice this as we move forward on our journey. Everybody wants to improve in every area to BE the best they can BE.- I enjoyed your blog.
I liked the pic.

    George - August 19, 2015 Reply

    Greg, you are awesome! I have learned more about observing since we masermind on a regular basis, my success is where it is today because of your daily input.

Stephen Serna - August 17, 2015 Reply

Loved your post George, this is such a phenomenal movement, it was great meeting you and the Mrs. in Kauai and spending time getting to know you. Peace & Blessings…Brudda.

    George - August 19, 2015 Reply

    Stephen, I did too enjoy your company in Kauai. Imagine all the lives we are going to change!

Cassandra O'Neal - August 17, 2015 Reply

Love it, George! Short, Sweet, and OH SO ON THE MONEY! You Rock!

    George - August 19, 2015 Reply

    Cassandra, thank you for the sweet words!

Maria Reimertz - August 23, 2015 Reply

A great description of The Master Key Experience. Thank you for sharing!

    George - August 23, 2015 Reply

    Maria, thank you for the comment. I’m sure you are well aware of the great people we have in the MK group!

Christian - August 23, 2015 Reply

Hi Paul, this is a good description of MKE, I share the same thoughts.

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