Week 1, Cause and Effect

Most people have heard of “Cause and Effect.”  My first thought was you do something and there is a result, like you push the TV button and the TV turns on, or take your foot off the brake and the car moves.  There are many other cause and effects that can be started in our thoughts.  We think of a food we may want, and the effect is suddenly we are hungry and we crave to satisfy the hunger.

Lets introduce the “world within” and the “world without.”  The world within is what we think about, it’s our brain, the world without is everything outside of our brain.  So when we think of stuff we are using the world within and when we actually physically do it or see it done that is in the world without.

Charles Haanel in the Master Key System writes “The world within is the cause, the world without the effect; to change the effect you must change the cause.”

So what we think about creates the cause, and the doing is the effect.  We think about food (cause) and we go eat (effect).

What have we thought about that created an action, maybe buying a car, watching a movie, getting a new job, or starting a business.  What we think about grows, the perfect example of “cause and effect.”

Peace, have a great week!

– George Pauli

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