Week 13 – Gratitude

gratitudeThis is my second time going through Master Keys.  The first time I was on it like white on rice, I did everything, so what happened to the last few posts here?  Got lazy, and a whole bunch of other excuses.  But I have been selecting and staying faithful to that.

This week is Gratitude, we give more then we get more, we are grateful for many things, and as this week goes, I am grateful for all the people who surround me, I am grateful for so many things, and I have some reminder index cards that I have gone through.

I am grateful for all the guides that keep us going, encourage us, and they are a product of Mark and Davene, who I owe lots of gratitude to from the grow 90 grow class, and the master keys, and of course the live events that have changed my life, and given me new purpose.

Do It Now!  Make your Gratitude’s now, and every day!

Peace, George.

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