Week 18 – Live this day as if it is my Last

Og Mandino in scroll V, “I live this day as if it is my Last!”

What are our choices, to procrastinate or do it now?  Well, this is my second time through the Master Keys, and I have observed so much change in myself and in others.  We all know we are busy, life is tough in many ways, however every day we can decide how we think and what we do during our day.

Most people just go about their day as normal, and what is normal?  Normal seems just normal, daily stress, routines, and all the regular behaviors we don’t even realize we’re doing.

Once we realize what we are doing, we observe gratitude, kindness, love, now we are able to see this in everything, everyone, and everywhere all the time.  It feels good to recognize all these traits in people, and when we see the not so good traits, we give them a hug, either physically or mentally.  The hug is our way of helping them feel a little better, look at a brighter side of the day and that someone cares.

So, anyone reading this, my day is lived to the fullest.

Peace to everyone, I hope all your dreams come true!


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I'm passionate about adding value and living intentionally. If I can make someone's day better, or make a difference, it's a good day for me.

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