How to be Happy and Self Empowered

Depressed lifestyle thinking how to get better

Depressed lifestyle thinking how to get better, think better, but first lets dig deep….

Depression and unhappiness starts with an event, a physical or mental event where we have an experience that brings us down a rabbit hole and we feed our brain with negativity, or an undesirable outcome.  I’m a small business owner and when the economy is good, i’m good, when the economy is bad, i’m not so good.  in 2015 I read a phrase “This too shall pass” from a book called “The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino.  I have often been repeating this phrase “this too shall pass” when i’m stressed about business problems.

When I tell myself “this too shall pass” I’m telling my brain it’s ok and this won’t last long, in fact nothing lasts long anymore.  There is an old saying “Easy Come Easy Go.”  And over the past I have looked back and concluded it’s true that “This too shall pass.”  So, no worries here.

“FEAR” Fantasized Emotions Appearing Real.  So what is FEAR?  It’s just that, and we’ll go after that one in the next post.

Peace, George.  And… please sign up for free mental diet –>

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