My Opinion Is…. (and I am not an Expert)

Has anyone ever been solicited on the phone, at night at their home?  So I pickI have an opinion of what you should doed up that phone and a nice lady asked if I would participate, I asked will it take long?  She replied “No.”  Ok, so it’s on, lets take the survey.  Some of the questions came up on what I thought of the public schools, I told her I could not answer because I don’t have kids in school right now.  So she replies, well just “give me your opinion.”  I had to reply, “I don’t have opinions, they are unhealthy!”  I learned having no opinions from the Master Key Class, and because of the class, I learned to not have opinions on things I know nothing about.

So, she replied and said “well, that is what this survey is all about, your opinion.”  the survey went on for over 30 minutes, with some really bad questions and multiple choice answers that did not fit.  One of the questions was “How can we make the public schools better?  A) Increase the technology [computers etc.], B) Increase teachers salary, C) Make classes smaller, D) Have school last 12 months with no summer break?”  But, I struggled to get the survey done, and I did.  Whew!  what a process.

I called a few of my friends who also took the scholarship Master Key class, and everyone knows a mastermind of similar people, with similar thinking process get goals done, and we all agreed, and had similar experiences through the week on opinions.  Their opinion was to not have one.

So, what I have learned, and not from this call, but in past and the Master Key class, is to listen and not talk so much.  There is an old saying “Opinions are like Assholes, everyone has one!”  So do you really want to show yours to the world?

There is a 7 day mental diet, part of which you will experience yourself thinking for yourself.  I challenge you, click here and get the Free 7 Day Mental Diet.

Peace, George.

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