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Week 4 – a bad habit

So, i’m a week late, which, i’m never late.  The old blue print got me, so i’m not going make a big deal, I am unattached!

In the master key reading there was “I” which most people think of “I” as themselves, or me.  If you look at it from a view point of “I goto the store”  the “I” is the direction of what we are to do.  The “I” is spirit which we control, we think of what “I” is going to do (I know bad grammar but it gets the point across).

So as the week has gone by, the “I” in me has had a new meaning, “I” am the person who guides me to where I want to go and who I want to be.


Peace – George…

3 Week 3 – connecting our bodies

“Connecting our Bodies”  SolarPlexrevB

The “Solar Plexus” is a spot behind our stomach that disperses the nerves that controls the heart, lungs, stomach, etc..  the nerves come from the brain via the Vegas Nerve.

What does this mean?  For true health all our organs must be in harmony, and be in good nutrition, good food in, toxins and waste out.  Just like our mind, we let the good stuff in, and get the bad stuff out.

Ever wonder why a dog may bark at someone?  Or the dog may wag their tail?  Why?  The dogs know who are good and who are not good and there is a reaction to that.  The senses of the animal are based on the personality of the person, and their mood.


2 Week – 2, Gatekeeper – We are what we think



We all have heard of the “Gatekeeper” it’s obvious, it’s the person who guards the gate so unwanted people or things can’t get in.  And if the Gatekeeper takes a break, or lets someone in who should not be in, then there could be bad news and unwanted events.

Our mind consists of Conscious and Subconscious.  The conscious is what we can control, like raise our hand, or get up and walk.  Our conscious mind also thinks about stuff that is right in front of us that we may be doing right now.  Or even what we will do or what we already have done, vacation, good or bad times.

Our subconscious is on autopilot, where it just does w/o our thinking of it.  It pumps our heart, repairs our cells, we loose our balance and we gain control.  It does so many wonderful things we just don’t have to worry about any of that.

So the Gatekeeper….  The subconscious does what it is programmed to do, so if we teach it over and over how to walk, or how to talk (when we are an infant) we eventually will learn and never forget.  How about tying a shoe, i’m sure we can all do this with our eyes closed or have a conversation and not even think of the shoe lace going over, under and through, it is just automatic.

So the Gatekeeper… if the conscious mind lets in information that is not helpful, or worry or anger the subconscious may accept those conditions and our life will be less than it should be.  By keeping the gatekeeper at watch 100% of the time, any unwanted information will be denied access, and continuing to deny wrong information, our subconscious will be in harmony and all is good.

There is an old saying, “We are what we eat”  so this would make sense “we are what we think about.”  What are you thinking about today?

Peace – George

Week 1, Cause and Effect

Most people have heard of “Cause and Effect.”  My first thought was you do something and there is a result, like you push the TV button and the TV turns on, or take your foot off the brake and the car moves.  There are many other cause and effects that can be started in our thoughts.  We think of a food we may want, and the effect is suddenly we are hungry and we crave to satisfy the hunger.

Lets introduce the “world within” and the “world without.”  The world within is what we think about, it’s our brain, the world without is everything outside of our brain.  So when we think of stuff we are using the world within and when we actually physically do it or see it done that is in the world without.

Charles Haanel in the Master Key System writes “The world within is the cause, the world without the effect; to change the effect you must change the cause.”

So what we think about creates the cause, and the doing is the effect.  We think about food (cause) and we go eat (effect).

What have we thought about that created an action, maybe buying a car, watching a movie, getting a new job, or starting a business.  What we think about grows, the perfect example of “cause and effect.”

Peace, have a great week!

– George Pauli

3 Sept 25, Master Keys Starts Now…

Some reading this are new to the class, and some are not.  I’m so excited for this 2015 class to start.  There will be so many discoveries for everyone who got a PIF (Pay It Forward) scholarship.George Adnrei give "thumbs up!"

Mark and the team, including all the well trained personal guides, have a lesson plan that will be second to none.  I will be attending all the classes and doing the work with everyone making my own discoveries, again, and some new ones.

Peace….  George Pauli  and as my newborn son George Andrei says “I give it a thumbs up!”

16 My Master Key Experience

My first child, born with love, by love.

My first child, born with love, by love.

September 12 Video’s are up!  Click here for Scholarship videos.

“To help people help themselves be self directed, powerful hero’s in their own life that think for themselves without being influenced.”

I wanted to do better, in my business, in my life, in everywhere.  I met some Master Keys students and asked “what is it all about?” Their answers were unbelievable that the changes and the manifestations of their dreams were coming true, and so I took the Master Keys class.  It was all about the way we think and our daily habits.

Shortly after the class started I was finding myself thinking or at least speaking differently, more positively, better thoughts, it was a mental diet I started, and that changed a lot of attitudes not only my own, but the attitudes of others around me got better.

Then events I never imagined started to happen.  The Master Key class we had daily exercises and one day I was writing down a list of 3 people I needed to talk to, some I had not spoke to in over a year.  The next morning those 3 people contacted me within a 2 hour time period, I was amazed but not convinced you could think of something and it would happen.  But, there were more events, with other people, it just kept happening.  I was thinking “can this be for real?”  I started to believe!

I started to discover better traits in myself, my family, and in my business, everything just seemed better!  I AM LOVE!  The class allowed me to see life and the universe from an “observer” where I could see everything around me as it was created in love to continue to grow.  Think about it, plants grow, they drop seeds and continue to flourish.  The human cycle is the same.

Ever wonder how a dog knows if they should bark at someone or if they should wag their tail?  I learned about the human “Solar Plexus

I discovered so much the first class, and I am excited to discover even more this second time.  Class is a scholarship and you can get on the list for early notification, do it now because space is limited.

Peace and Love, George Pauli

August 1st, Lets get it on!

Just set up a new blog with capture information so YOU the reader / follower can be informed of the upcoming class, and it is a scholarship so get in before it’s full.  There is only a specified number of certified guides per season so when it’s full, it’s full!  – George.

1 End of July!!!

Wow, how time goes by so fast, more than half the year is gone and I have my first child being due in about 30 days, so….  I better get to it.  The good news is I was in the heat of the master keys and conceived my son, so lets go!


Peace!  George.

Month – July, “That Stops Now!”

Everybody says time goes by fast, really fast….  So fast that last year seems like yesterday.  Anyone agree with that?

When you look back at what you did with your time, ask yourself, was it for me or for someone else?  I painted my kids room, I cut the grass, I went to the gym, and I worked on my business.  But when I think of all the time it took for my “chores” how much of that was for me and how much was for someone else?  I recently caught a video on OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder quite amazing!  Once I learned most of my time was for someone else and not me, I started to think differently.

So, do we think for ourselves or someone else?  My first answer was I think for myself, until I started to think, and most of my day was for someone else.  When I goto work I was working for someone else, I’m even self employed but I was doing stuff for other people to make some money.  Then all the Emails, same thing, they were not for my benefit, it was something they wanted me to do like “click here”  or “i’ll need your service tomorrow.”

Now I know most of my time is for someone else.  That stops NOW!

What is important to us, to you?

Leave a comment please,  Peace – George

Month – June 2015

It’s been a few weeks, everyone knows time goes by fast!

We all have decisions to make, and most are automatic, like getting up in the morning and brushing our teeth, or having that cup of coffee  or two before we eat breakfast.   Some decision are not automatic, we have to think about them and fight to make the decision, even we may know we have to but it’s hard.  There may be great rewards.   Everyone knows its healthy to goto the gym, but some go and some don’t.  Everyone will agree by going to the gym we will feel better, live longer, and have more energy.  But most people don’t go, why?  it’s their decision, their conscious decision not do what they know will be good for them.

For me, well, I needed to make a decision, and I made it!  This decision was in my thoughts for maybe almost 2 years and I finally put my foot down and made the decision I wanted.  Most things that are good for us we don’t do, it’s our subconscious that is programmed to be the same.  My decision is to be different, and do different things so I can have my needs and wants met.  I have decided that today is the day, and now is the time (actually it was June 2nd I made he decision and acted on it a few days later).

I hope everyone reading this blog chooses to make a decision today that has been difficult to make in the past, but this decision will be the right choice for a better future for you!

Peace!  George