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3 Week 9 – Giving, Loving, and keeping promises…

We learn in MKMMA through our readings and everything that we are to give before we get.  We are also to “greet this day with love in our heart” as Mandino says.  And then promises, well you know, ever say you are going to do something and then don’t do it?

Giving – It’s the night before Thanksgiving here in the United States, I’m getting gas and a woman comes up to me with an empty gas can saying “Please???”  so I say yes and fill the can up with gas.  I carry it back to her car and her and her husband with 3 kids are just down on their luck and need some gas.  They are grateful and continue to wish me “god bless, thank you.”  Normally I don’t give money for gas etc, but this time I did.

Loving – I had a friend call me 8 am on Thanksgiving morning and needed some help.  He had a less fortunate night arguing with his wife and had to stay someplace else for the night.  My friend is mostly negative, down, and “why does it always happen to me” and we know those type, we stay away and think good thoughts.  Well, I took him in for the day and invited him to my best friends house for Thanksgiving dinner where he could be around new people and have a fresh start for 5 hours.  My hope was to show him a loving day where we are all people, friends and family.  I think it went well.

imgresPromises – These are tough.  I have a small business and it’s holiday season and everyone wants something and I agree to do it.  Sometimes I don’t get it done because of circumstances outside of my control, and some which i do control.  Obviously some I can get away with delaying a day and some I can’t.  And then, what about promises to myself?  Ever hear the old saying “the shoemaker’s family always has old worn shoes?”

Promises to myself that will make a difference to my Master Keys growth, my NWM business, and my Team are going to get reworked.  I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy!

Peace – George

6 Week 8 – The “Compass & Time”

The “Compass” it points north, it helps navigate when other navigation is not available.  Maybe on a boat we would use a compass to tell us which way to travel to reach land.  In our MKMMA class we are asked to buy a compass and use the analogy we go and navigate “our life by our direction to get where we want to go” rather than just go aimlessly back and forth, up and down which most people are doing, not knowing they are directionless that is.

Think of our life, do we have a direction?  Do we go to school, get educated so we can get a good job, then get married, have kids, teach them the same thing and repeat a cycle?  Most say yes that would be what my life is about.

Then ask yourself “what do you want to do in your lifetime?”  some will say “travel” some say “have a family” and many other ideas.

Then ask yourself “how are you going to do that?”  The answer is……  get a job, get married etc…

So there is some direction, but once going down the rabbit hole, there is no escape.  You are now living by “TIME!”  Goto work, get paid, pay the bills, save for kids education, save for retirement, save for vacations etc…

I did not know that I lost direction until recently.  Most people don’t know that they can choose a life, just choose a direction, a place or destination, and don’t stop till you get there.  Even sailboats have to “tack” back and forth against the wind to get where they want to go.

“Time” and what about it?  We all have a limited amount of time while we are in good health to do the things we IMG_1449want to do.  Most people run their life on time, where they have an alarm clock, punch in at work, punch out, race home, do the after work thing with the family, goto bed, and do it again.  Like a clock, every week, every year is about the same.

How do we change the time thing?  Get a direction, follow it, and don’t give up.  Find a Definite Chief Aim, have
, and practice Continuous Persistent Action until you are there.  Once there you can use your compass and go someplace else.

Good travels mate!  Peace, George

12 Week 7 – Past Tense DMP

Past Tense DMP – what does that mean?

Let’s look at the present tense DMP, it is what we want, “Definite Major Purpose”, we write our DMP on what our heart tells us what is important. (does this make sense?)

Anyway…  in my DMP i have a personal pivotal need of Helping Others.  Specifically I want to have plenty of cash on hand so when there is a crisis or disaster the money is readily available.

I live in Arizona, and a year or so ago there were 19 forrest fire “Smoke Jumpers” who died when a fire turned against them and in 10 minutes they were gone.  There was finger pointing on why and who could have caused this or what could have been done to prevent the deaths.  There was some red tape where the widowed wives were suppose to get some benefit compensation to help with bills and living expenses but it was delayed.  This touched me and I made it part of my DMP.

My DMP reads “When I hear of a local disaster or crisis where families need money now, & the system is delayed, I have $100K in immediate cash to make a difference & allow some relief desperately needed.  I give anonymously without recognition & seeing the immediate help puts tears in my eyes.”

Last night, a neighbor passed away, mid 50’s, she left a husband and 24 year old son.  I know they made little money, he worked at a grocery store cleaning the floor, and she was a server at a local Olive Garden.  As neighbors we agreed to pool some money together to help with some immediate expenses.

I want to give more but i don’t have the means yet.  This event has hit me and gave me more DESIRE & EMOTION to believe and to “Do It Now!”

The Past Tense DMP, when I read my DMP and think of the Smoke Jumpers I think that has happened in the past, and want to prepare for the future.  Well, I am willing but not capable to help the neighbor.

I have “Firm Demand and Earnest Desire and it will bring about Attainment” as Haanel says.

I am Great, I have the Power, and it Will Be Done!

Peace, George

12 Week 6 – Laser Focus

magnifyingLaser Focus, This post is about keeping focused, not drifting.

We are easily distracted in today’s world, if there is a loud bang, or emergency sirens, we immediately turn our focus or attention to the distraction.  Or sometimes we just can’t hold a thought for more than 6 seconds at a time.  Try it, think of what you did 5 minutes ago, then what was your second thought?  Think about it.  We have thousands of thoughts every day, and it is so hard to concentrate.

I’m finding when I read, the article or book makes me think of something else, then I don’t know what I just read.

Staying laser focused would mean to concentrate on an idea or thought, and only on that thought until we decide to think of something else.  Problem seems to be how long we can think of the same thing.  I’m having problems thinking of what to write next in this blog post.

So, why should we keep a thought for more than 6 seconds?  Well, it’s simple, if we want something done that requires thought, we better continue thinking until the object or purpose is finished.  How about a magnifying glass, we have all used them to enlarge something so we can see it larger.  And most people know that you can use the magnifying glass and focus the sun’s rays on a piece of paper or wood and with “laser focus” and holding the focus we get great heat which the effect is fire.

How would staying “laser focused” on something that is important, knowing it will give us results, benefit us?  Maybe our chores, or services would get done faster and better.  Ever clean the house and you get “laser focused” on cleaning something and you spend the rest of your cleaning time on that one thing, and wow!

Does this make any sense?  Well, in closing here, i’m having a hard time with being “laser focused!”

Peace, George.

6 Week 5 – House Cleaning

Clean1House Cleaning, when we think of house cleaning, we think of cleaning the house, getting rid of old things, cleaning dust, washing walls, making the house “fresh” gives us a sense of accomplishment and joyful feeling that just feels good.

When a house is not clean, lets say when we visit someone’s house that is not clean, we notice bugs in the corner, the bathroom is spotted with grunge, the floor may be sticky and makes a noise when we walk.  And then when we leave, we smell our clothes and it reeks of something unpleasant that stays with for a good while.  We remember what that house was like, it was “not clean.”

House Cleaning, we can think “is my house clean?”  Our physical house may be clean or may not be clean, well if we don’t invite into our house they will never know if it is clean or not.


What about our “Mental” house, our “Brain?”  Is that clean?  Stop and think of how we talk and what we say to people, our opinions of other people, what are other people doing that we disagree with?  Are they strangers or our friends and family?  Our mental house is open and everyone can see it!

Too many questions?  Here is a thought so you can have your own answer.

If i have an opinion of a friend or who ever, i have judged him, and he is judging me, it’s just natural human nature.  How do I want the other person to view me?  If we compared notes, would their thoughts of me be the same of what I think of myself?  NO.

If you were to design and build your dream house, what would it look like, what would it be made out of, and would it last?  When you entertain guests will they feel comfortable?  All these answers are we would like to have the best and most comfortable.

So, lets design our Mental Attitude, is it built with the best, will our guests feel comfortable and want to come back?

Please leave a comment, and give to keep growing!

Peace, George

8 Week 4 – “I Do” and/or “I Think”

Chocolate HillsThis week I want to define the word “I” so we can get an understanding.

Haanel “The ‘I’ of you is not the physical body; that is simply an instrument which ‘I’ uses to carry out its purposes; the ‘I’ cannot be the Mind, for the mind is simply another instrument which the ‘I’ uses with which to think, reason, and plan.”

So here is the challenge:  if “I” is not the physical body, nor is “I” the Mind to think, then what is it?  This took me days to figure this one out.  Haanel’s next paragraph says “The ‘I’ must be something which controls and directs both the body and the mind; something which determines what they shall do and how they shall act.”

I still did not understand until….. There was something i was suppose to do last week, i told them i would do it, and I did not do it.  Did I feel bad, no because it was a habit of telling this person today, and then it got delayed another week.

This is when it hit me, reading on who “I” was or is, and in my mind thinking of I needed to do something for this person.  I put it together and told myself “Ok, ‘I’ need to do this,” I thought it and immediately did it without hesitation knowing I control my “I”.  I was so enthusiastically joyful that “I” discovered my “I” and put it to work and felt great!

I hope this helps you, the reader, to find your “I” because Haanel I can be what I will to be.” 

Have a great rest of the day and peace be the journey…



Week 3 – Tuesday – “The Solar Plexus”

SolarPlexrevBThe “Solar Plexus”  what is it?  In simple terms the Solar Plexus is a bundle gathering of nerves in the abdomen that connect to several vital organs.

Think of the Sun in our universe.  When the Sun shines we feel good, warm, and life such as plants grows.  When there are clouds it feels gloomy and plants don’t grow as they would if the sun was shinning on them.  Think of plants where their leaves always turn to face the sun…

As humans our “Solar Plexus” is very similar, we want it to shine bright.  When we shine bright good things happen, good health, good smiles, we walk tall, and we generally feel good.

When we don’t feel good, the Solar Plexus is being covered by clouds.  And what are these clouds?  The worst kind of clouds is FEAR!  Just daily stuff that we are uncomfortable, or afraid of an outcome with someone or something.


What are your clouds today?  Don’t you want the sun to shine upon you?  This is contagious and can make a day good or bad.

Get rid of some of your clouds and let me know how it goes.


9 Week 2, Thursday – It Works!

My week starts on Sunday afternoon.

This is so cool, please read.

I have been studying the mind (brain thinking), there is conscious which controls our movements like speach and walking, then our subconscious which is our thinking, memory, heart beating etc…

In the readings by Hannel we are taught to influence our subconscious mind by telling it good things, things that we want.  Hannel also says the methods of the subconscious mind will deliver on demand without delay what I want, it does this by intuition, kind of like when we lose our balance, our body catches us immediately.

I want to do better in growing my business.  In the past i would say hello to someone and make a conversation, leading to undesirable outcome, they say “no.”

The past 2 days, i came into contact with 3 people, by magic my mind came up with something i didi not ask for, and the response from the people I just met was 100% positive, they took the suggestion and I made, and I had more progress in 3 seconds than what use to take me 3 days!

If I did not experience this first hand I would have said “ok, maybe i believe” but now “I BELIEVE!”

Lesson here is I told myself what I wanted over and over and over several times a day for several days and BAM!

4 Week 2, Monday, The Brain -> what we can control, what we can’t, what we can choose

I learned this yesterday, and will be studying for the entire week ending Sunday morning.

The Brain, there is the conscious part where we CAN control what we do, like moving our hands, talking, walking, etc…  Then there is the subconscious part where we CANNOT control what we do, like our heart beating, growing, taste, etc…

Sometimes we as people, believe certain things, like fear, or doubt, which has been planted in our mind from past experiences and past influences.  These undesirable thoughts prevent us from doing great things and moving our life forward like we were made to be great.

The undesirables were told to us over and over and over and over, from our parents, friends, relatives, coworkers, and even the media (TV and advertisement).  An example advertisement tells us we are not getting our health or looking good unless we buy their product, this programming of our mind has been going on for a long time.

We can change the beliefs and get rid of fear, or doubt but telling ourselves we are better, we are good, we can do it, or “Love Yourself.”

The Conscious mind that controls our hand movement etc., is the gatekeeper to our Subconscious.  We MUST NOT ALLOW NEGATIVE OR BAD IDEAS INTO OUR SUBCONSCIOUS.  We can prevent by thinking of something else, something of joy, of happiness, or a good memory from the past.

I have a business partner who has too much trash in his mind, i’m going to help him with this idea along with myself and start changing what my Subby (Subconscious) gets fed on a daily basis.