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Week 1, end of the first week

I am creating a habit to read every day, the same thing every day.  There is the Master Keys, Blue Print Builder, DMP, and “The Greatest Salesman in the World.”

We all have habits, and since habits are things we do over and over all the time, lets get rid of the bad habits and replace with good habits.  So reading the same thing every day i’m thinking “i have read this, i can recite the whole thing so let’s just forget it” BUT NO!!!  that is an old habit of giving up, procrastinating, no more!  I do my assignments, I read, and once i forgot my readings and I psychologically was in pain, i looked over and over in my bag and finally found it, SUCCESS!

I have discovered the world within our selves creates the world without, meaning we are what we eat, or we become what we think about, or what we think about is how our life is today.  I have observed conversations with friends and myself, and now that I that know I control what happens, i’m discovering most people are imprisoned in their own belief of mediocrity and may never get out of that mindset.  I wish them the best, that is all I can do today.

Quote from FDR, “The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.”

9 Week 1, Day 1 the foundation

Sometimes I talk too much (my Red), and I make things more difficult than they need to be (my White).

I’m a technical type writer/thinker and these posts will be in a methodical information based while trying to get right to the point.  So my goal is to make our world a better place.

So, i’m setting up the next the next 6 months for a journey that will enrich not only my life, and the lives of people I currently know, and all the people who I don’t know and the people who I will be meeting from here forward.

As of today, this blog content should contain thoughts that share what I have learned, what I have given, and what was given to me.

So, why am I writing / sharing?  First, I have been given a scholarship to the Master Keys System which is a 6 month course that has already start to improve my life in every way.  Part of the class asks us to write what we learn, what we feel, etc…

I will give back to the readers of this blog great things as long as they are open to receive something new.  There is an old saying “The brain and parachutes are a lot alike, they work best when they are open.”

As I learn, as I experience, and as I conquer, my close circle of friends, family, business partners, and all others whom I come into contact with, will have a better day, that is my promise, and I always keep my promises!

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