Master Key Live Kauai 2015 Videos

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I like to just play around and have fun!

The 7 Day mental diet you can get on the right sidebar.  Everyone says they enjoyed the few emails to get them to think about what they accept into their mind.  Enjoy the 7 day mental diet.

This was the first MKMMA Live Kauai event in April 2015.  We had an awesome scavenger hunt retreat where we got to go around the island with clues, and when we found the magical spot, we reflected upon ourselves and how far we have come and what we are capable of doing, “We are natures greatest Miracle” says Og Mandino.

I shot this video where there is peace for everyone.


We also had 3 days of classroom “Master Minding” and again just having some fun with my good friend Dan from Milwaukee Wisconsin.  I met dan in Kauai in 2014 and we have been good friends and we talk a few times weekly just discussing our business and helping each other being great!  There is a “Scholarship Class” starting soon, Register for Free here

Video of George / Dan:


And some personal mentoring from the King himself!